Dream it. Do it.


Our story began in 1965 with the manufacture of irrigation equipment. We can only surmise that after the challenge of introducing modern irrigation to Indian agriculture our people started making fountains for relaxation! The proximity of water, pumps and nozzles led to fountains being created to beautify the factory and for discerning customers.

1989 saw the establishment of Premier Fountains as a serious business based on a concept of factory precision-made fountains that just needed assembly and water at site. This led to the development of hardware and software to make water dance to music – dancing fountains of which we are arguably the world’s largest producer.

After further expansion into entertainment related products PREMIERWORLD® Technology Ltd was set up as a separate company in 2008. Today on-site we have manufacturing facilities for fabrication in steel, stainless steel, aluminium and precision machining, electrical panels, LED lights, electronic circuit, controls and devices, pump manufacture, valves and woodworking.

Our R&D covers water hydraulics, electronics and animatronics. We also have a captive unit for FRP (glass fibre) mouldings.