INSTALLATION AND EXECUTION OF MULTIMEDIA MUSICAL FOUNTAIN SHOW AT BHAVANI ISLAND, VIJAYAWADA, ANDHRA PRADESH “Vijaya – The Fountain of Victory” has been conceptualized, uniquely designed and executed by PREMIERWORLD Technology Ltd to showcase Vijayawada’s rich, cultural, historical and national identity. It has been commissioned at Bhavani Island, Vijayawada. The show was inaugurated by Hon’ble Chief [...]

How to maintain a PREMIER FOUNTAIN

We are concerned that your PREMIER FOUNTAIN should run whenever you want it and give pleasure and peace of mind to all that see and enjoy it. We have prepared a set of advice which will help as a guide to maintain a PREMIER FOUNTAIN. Electricity Supply 85% of fountain problems are due to electrical [...]

Technology behind PREMIERWORLD’s Motionchair

In the conventional concept of 3D screen viewing it is expected that the viewer’s head will stay in one place because that is how we sit and view a film. That does not work when the head is all over the place because of the motion platforms vigorous movement or when there is no motion [...]

Three Breathtaking Virtual Reality Experience One Must Try

NATURE’S FURY A series of virtual experiences based on natural calamities that we all wonder what they would be like to be involved in but nobody really wants it to happen to them! These are safe versions of the real thing but visitors can never be sure-nature may bite them. PREMIERWORLD and its creative team [...]

Understanding Role of Lasers in Multimedia Show

Multimedia show is a spectacular emotional event. A lot of things go beyond the screen which adds success to a high standard event. Various types of modern equipment and highly customised techniques are involved throughout the show. Let us have a peep into it. Laser show: Frequent questions asked by our clients.What are the various [...]

Lesser known facts about Multimedia Show of PREMIERWORLD

More from our Blog PREMIERWORLD creates another signature landmark at Bindusagar Lake, BhubaneswarPREMIERWORLD Technology Limited, Kolkata created another signature landmark at Bindusagar Lake in front of Lingaraj Temple in Bhubaneswar by commissioning a multimedia musical fountain laser show. Bindusagar Lake saw a huge footfall in the evening of 18 Nov 2018 when scores of people [...]

What you don’t know about PREMIERWORLD’s startling Musical Fountains

Wondering what is the most beautiful night-time family entertainment where you can enjoy thrilling light, sound and water effects together? Then you must visit the mesmerizing musical fountains created by PREMIERWORLD. As the music plays, the various water effects shoot into air, rise and fall, twist and dance, each lit by brilliant colours. The water [...]

Sound & Light Show at Shaniwarwada in Pune

    Witness the story of Shrimant Bajirao Peshwa at Sound and Light Show at Shaniwarwada in Pune. The mesmeric show integrates video and laser projection on a water screen made of vertical jets along with colourful and exciting LED lighting displays on the surrounding areas. These show elements are synchronized with the narration of […]

Create a Tactile Experience with a InGround™ Fountain

Now any flat space can be a fountain! User friendly-children love to play in the fountain, no pool to maintain. Can be programmed for sequencing, random and jumping jets of water, to come up and down at variable speeds. Adaptable to practically any flat area, indoors or out. Lit by compact and bright LED light. [...]

Motijheel: An Historical Site Brought To Life

PREMIERWORLDTM is the leading producer of multimedia show: outdoor shows that combine music, water effects, simulated pyrotechnics, coloured lighting, laser and video projection, sound effects and smoke and other effects to produce spectacular night entertainment and also shows that tell specific stories or relate historical events.  That creative expertise has now been applied to providing [...]