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PREMIERWORLD creates another signature landmark at Bindusagar Lake, Bhubaneswar

PREMIERWORLD Technology Limited, Kolkata created another signature landmark at Bindusagar Lake in front of Lingaraj Temple in Bhubaneswar by commissioning a multimedia musical fountain laser show. Bindusagar Lake saw a huge footfall in the evening of 18 Nov 2018 when scores of people visited the holy site to watch the inaugural of the much awaited [...]

There are various systems available which enthralls visitors while visualizing multimedia show.  Laser show systems are popular and suitable for an entertainment park where effects add excitement and interest to the environment.

Laser effects become attractive when projected on water, mist or smoke. The system used is very compact and convenient. The laser and scanner are kept in one enclosure. The system is itself very portable, simple to handle and is ideal for event and similar functions if used with a Premier Rain Curtain.

A multimedia show using laser system integrated with water screen is most popular and gives amazing effects which mesmerizes visitors and guests. Technically water screens up to 6 meter high are used. This system is fully equipped to produce graphics effects and animations using conventional drawing software which are then converted to Laser images. While it cannot be synced with a musical fountain it can play along with the fountain for very attractive effects.

A laser system is a part and parcel of a multimedia show. There is a low cost robust multi-color system with a very sophisticated control and programming unit. The powerful scanner is extremely fast and capable of producing 150,000 output points per second. The interesting point is that images are not restricted to a single color but can be multi-color and fires raster like pictures! A multimedia show is incomplete without musical fountain and sound track, but we are aware about it and so have developed the laser system which can be programmed to sync with dancing fountains and favorite numbers!

Fascinated! Where are these installed?

For last 52 years PREMIERWORLD is connecting with people with amazing multimedia shows, musical fountains and more amusement products.

Famous installations from worldwide.

  • Stone Forest, Yunnan, China: A laser show and musical fountain is installed here.
  • Nanjing China, undertaken with LCI Ltd, U.K.: A mesmerizing laser show and musical fountain is installed with 86 effects. Fountain dimension crosses 36 Meters in length.
  • Peugeot 206 New Car Launch at Birmingham, U.K. : An amazing laser show powered with musical fountain, sound effects
  • Al- Qurm Plaza, Muscat, Oman: Musical fountain installed in this famous spot of Muscat.