Wondering what is the most beautiful night-time family entertainment where you can enjoy thrilling light, sound and water effects together? Then you must visit the mesmerizing musical fountains created by PREMIERWORLD.

As the music plays, the various water effects shoot into air, rise and fall, twist and dance, each lit by brilliant colours. The water effects move or dance with the music and interpret each tune whether fast or slow, classical or disco/pop. The indigenous team of PREMIERWORLD uses highly sophisticated hydraulic controls and circuits, precision nozzles and special lighting all under electronic control complemented by a sound system that gives even distribution of sound around the viewing area.

The most unique feature of PREMIERWORLD Musical Fountain in the Auto-sensing mode is that any standard audio cassette or compact disc can be played. An electronic controller interprets the music, controls the water effects and lights. The most amazing thing is that the system is entirely automatic and no programming or manual control required. However, manual override can be provided in case it is desired to accentuate certain effects.

In the PC mode, the water effects and lights are controlled by signals encoded along with the music on a cassette or tape. As the music plays, signals actuate the water effects and lights to produce a coordinated and synchronised performance. Each Musical Fountain is supplied with a selection of music programmes and on request specific music request can be programmed.

What more? The musical fountain system can also be designed in such a way, so as to accommodate both the auto-sensing and the PC versions making a hybrid system which is most versatile.

Wondering how this system works! The water effects and lights are mounted on a substantial frame work fabricated from aluminium extrusions and are installed in the pool. The most important item the electromechanical actuator is mounted on the frame and through linkages moves water effects so that they sway or twist. Each water effect or a group of water effects is controlled by a fast acting sensitive solenoid valve.

For the smaller Musical Fountain, the preference is for a submersible pump is mounted in the pool. Larger Fountain requires substantial pump power which is installed in a separate dry pump house is which can be underground.

PREMIERWORLD Musical Fountain is a dynamic spectacle which responds to the music in a way that interprets the style and form of the particular musical performance. Any good quality music can be played and musical programme can be changed at will to provide varying entertainment to the guests.

Musical Fountains