Multimedia show is a spectacular emotional event. A lot of things go beyond the screen which adds success to a high standard event. Various types of modern equipment and highly customised techniques are involved throughout the show. Let us have a peep into it.

Laser show: Frequent questions asked by our clients.

What are the various images that laser can show?

Graphics: Human Figures, Animals, Symbols etc
Effects: Beams, Rotating design, Flashing etc
Animations: Moving figures and objects.
Text: Letters and numbers usually assembled into messages that can move on scroll.

What is a Y A G Laser?

This is a powerful type of laser. However, the beam is relatively wide and it is not suitable for graphics or animations. It is very suitable for sky effects since it is very powerful and travels for long distances.

What surfaces on screens can a Laser be used?

The laser beam is actually invisible unless it is reflected off something. The beam seen in the air is reflecting off dust in the air, in a vacuum it would be invisible. A screen, wall, smoke, net screen (scrim), even clouds if the laser is powerful enough, can be used and the systems offered can be used in this way. However water offers a unique sparkle and brightness, also the images appear out of nowhere, suspended in the air. The water is invisible unless the laser hits it. With vertical and centre fed water screens a large or very screen can be made without any infrastructure, no surface, no construction, no gantry, it is in place at the touch of a button and invisible until the laser hits it.

Are Lasers a safety risk?

The laser systems we offer are entirely safe when operated per instructions. The most powerful laser has a safety feature to block the laser beam in case it stays too long in one position. We offer advice on laser positioning and alignment. The laser beam is projected over the audiences’ heads although scanning of the beam across the audience is safe.

What about Video Projection on Water Screens?

A very powerful projector is required and the definition on a water screen for a complex image as found in video is such that watching for any length of time would not be comfortable. Video images are best used for short atmospheric sequences in laser or water shows.

What is the competency of PREMIERWORLD and what they have achieved so far?

We have a lot of specific experience as the list is long. Overall, more than three decades of experience.We bring together in-house creative skills to produce exciting musical fountain and multimedia shows and the electronic, systems and software skills to support installation, besides of course, installation commissioning and training services.

Multimedia Show

Multimedia Shows installed by PREMIERWORLD are spectacular illustration of sound, light and water using modern technology.