A series of virtual experiences based on natural calamities that we all wonder what they would be like to be involved in but nobody really wants it to happen to them! These are safe versions of the real thing but visitors can never be sure-nature may bite them.

PREMIERWORLD and its creative team are involved in designing breathtaking Virtual Reality Experiences and installing them in parks.

CYCLONE- Virtual Reality Ride Experience

We all know how devastating cyclone can be when in action! Audience feels they stand on the pavement on the corner of a square with a petrol pump and few shops nearby. A strong wind starts blowing making it hard to stand upright and suddenly the wind changes direction. Dust, leaves and debris blows across the audience. In the distance the dreaded shape of the eye of the storm is seen moving towards the platform simulator along with huge quantities of debris and dust. Suddenly the visibility becomes poor. A helicopter approaches but gets caught in the fierce wind and crashes. A tree comes crashing down and a shop window bursts open with a crash of breaking glass. The street lights start flickering and at one point one of the street light over the petrol pump starts sparking and the pole falls over the petrol pump which bursts into fire and smokes. In the dimming light heavy clouds herald the approach of rain and audience experience a few drops of water, totally unexpected. And to the utter surprise the virtual reality experience ends when the pavement on which the audience stands drops vertically not enough to throw them off their feet but a big bang to the end of the show.

EARTHQUAKE- Virtual Reality Ride Experience

The ride starts with Gupta family has a brand new wide screen TV and has invited friends around to see it. The living room is furnished with modern furniture replica mounted on a motion base but the visitors have no idea of this as they enter and take their seats. As they enter the TV is showing the end of a popular program and the credits are rolling. The TV is considerably bigger than the normal-being a back projection screen, so all have a good view. All of a sudden the picture distorts and lights flick, an announcer comes hurriedly on screen to announce that they are experiencing an earthquake. With that the room shakes violently and pictures are dislodged and there is a sound of breaking glass. Through this the announcer is hanging on to his desk and microphone and shouting that everybody should stay calm and not to panic but unfortunately a piece of the scenery behind becomes dislodged and crashes onto his head, this reveals the rest of the studio in a state of panic, trying to hold up lights and support equipment. Through all of this the room continues to experience tremors. During a comparative lull the visitors relax but just as they think the worst is over there is a particularly violent shaking and Mr. Gupta’s prized music centre falls off the wall sparking and sending out smoke ,the light fixtures are dislodged, a book cases crashes forward, and the book cascade onto the floor, the lights are flickering ,the centre light swaying . As the tremor subside an attendant rushes in and advices everybody to leave immediately, this ends the Virtual Reality Ride Experience! The thoroughly shaken visitors now know just frightening or exciting an earthquake is.

VOLCANO- Virtual Reality Ride Experience

After the more dramatic and physically demanding experiences the visitors look forward to the apparent peace and quiet experience of the forested area they enter. There is blissful nature everywhere. Birds tweeting, monkeys making friendly noises. Before what appears to be a large hill the visitors sits down on logs and tree trunks to relax. Suddenly the birds become restless and a low rumbling noise can be heard. Tiger roars, elephants trumpet fills the air with utter fear! The entire jungle is apprehensive. And with good reason: the rambling very rapidly increases and the hill turns out to be a volcano which erupts with a large explosion. The display continues with smoke steam and fire and flickering lava flows. All this is accompanied by the frantic cries of monkeys and distress calls of other animals. After the initial eruption the volcano continues throw out material which is an attractive spectacle but not apparently threatening. The surprise is that it finally erupts with the biggest bang yet and as though they are being showered with hot lava, a few drop of hot water falls on the visitors- a huge and dramatic