In the conventional concept of 3D screen viewing it is expected that the viewer’s head will stay in one place because that is how we sit and view a film. That does not work when the head is all over the place because of the motion platforms vigorous movement or when there is no motion platform but 4D SFX they also cause the viewer to move around a lot.

This calls for a solution that will cope with head movement and deliver 3D perception and images all the time. Without this the excitement as objects hurtle towards you and unpleasant creatures lunge at you will be diminished. The whole point of a virtual experience is that excellent 3D image combines with synchronized movement and the involvement of SFX to make it real and exciting. In fact it is more than real because a virtual experience can do things that you cannot do in real life or would be just too dangerous.

DYNAMICVISION-An appropriate 3D viewing system specially designed by PREMIERWORLD for virtual experience theatres and capsules with motion platform and or 4D SFX. The technology involves the wearing of lightweight and apparently simple glasses that can be used over regular spectacles if worn, nothing more of the high tech system is apparent to the viewer. No cumbersome headsets are required and the colours on the screen are bright and vibrant with excellent depth perception and detail. There is no flickering and the eyes and brain are not required to adapt to unnatural convolutions that cause eye strain and headaches.

DYNAMICVISION is designed and built with all imported components and offered with:

Virtual Reality Theatres with or without 4D SFX

Capsule Virtual Reality Theatres with or without 4D SFX

3D+4D theatres without Motion

3D Theatres

Also there is an excellent range of 3D films and custom films can also be produced through our  highly skilled Creative Unit.