The answer to beautiful, stylish, user-friendly fountains anywhere. Now any flat space can be a fountain.

With a range of impressive effects, all individually controlled and lit with brilliant LED lights, the Grand Sequencing Fountain constantly changes and cycles through an almost limitless range of combinations. All done slowly and majestically.

A new dynamic fountain with the outside and inside rings sliding slowly up and down in opposite directions, whilst maintaining the angular cut-off tubular formation.

Our BurstingJet™ is a unique fountain where the jet rises with a ball of water at the top, the stream is then cut off and the head falls back with a splash.

A distinctive and new style of sequencing fountain. It’s dynamic and yet calming and peaceful. The three different effects come up and go down slowly and are lit by brilliant LED lights. Each effect will connect through VFD (variable frequency drive) to run the pumps. Can be customized to suit different sizes of pools and supplied with electronic controller.