Musical fountains and animated fountains are a specialty of Premierworld.

We are dedicated in sprinkling a little magic and beauty on the world we share with you. Our creative team have provided hundreds of musical fountain systems for homes, businesses, parks and various entertainment venues. We design fountains of all shapes and sizes ranging from compact indoor Fantasia to some of the world’s largest spread over 100m long. The water jets and effects are synchronized to the music and lit in vivid colors creating an amazing atmosphere which mesmerizes the mind and soul.

Our Products

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Product Enquiry

Planning to install Musical Fountain, Multimedia Show, Mirror Maze, Dark Ride Films? Please take a quick moment to complete this form. Our business representative will get back to you shortly.

Featured Project

That creative expertise has now been applied to providing a multimedia show at Murshidabad that tells the story of crucial events of the 1700s that later went on to effect the destiny of the entire sub-continent. The challenge was that the Motijheel site has today very little of structures that relate to its history so new ways had to be developed to tell the epic story. To do this PREMIERWORLD used: