Your new destination for Happiness!

Find all the clowns of Penang in one place!

PREMIERWORLD collaborates with the Maze Master – Adrian Fisher, winner of numerous awards and featuring in the Guinness Book of Records to create a fascinating and unforgettable experience.
You enter through the mouth of a smiling clown into a world that will leave you spell bound. The façade has numerous clowns to entertain you. As you enter, you come across funny characters encouraging you to explore and spot all the clowns in the maze.
We have created an aura of illusion where you see yourself and your friends multiply into dozens. With the beats of the happy tune, new patterns and motifs appear to mesmerize you.  A kaleidoscope of coloured effects, with the help of brilliant LED colours, creates a sense of wonderment.
For the selfie lover, we have a special a photo seat where selfies can be taken showing one kid multiplied into six – all done by mirrors!
It’s an attraction which kids will want to back to many times.